Computer Cut Logos

Computer cut logos are excellent for one or two colour logo as well as sports numbers and player names. Logos are sharp, and very durable normally outlasting the garment it is applied to. This technique is extremely popular for sports and team wear and wickable lightweight fabrics, as well as smart corporate polos and woven shirts. Logos can also be applied to a range of caps and headwear. With NO SET UP FEES, this type of branding is low cost and best suited for runs of 1-99 units. E-mail us your logo now to so we can provide you with an accurate quote. We will also be delighted to match up a suitable garment for your needs in terms of style, colour and price.

Pros – Sharp logos, good for simple logos, text, numbers, great for one or two colour logos, cost effective for runs up to 100 units, no set up fees, durable.

Cons – Some detail may be lost if logo size too small, logos with many colours become expensive.


Heat Transfer Printing

Designs are printed on to a clear or white vinyl which is then heat pressed on to the garment. This is a good technique for a small run of designs although not as durable or high quality as a screen print. Clear vinyl is used for white tees, and white vinyl for coloured tees. Set up costs are on a time basis only so if the file is ready and usable by our printer there may be no cost involved. There would just then be a cost per print. E-mail us your design now to as a pdf, eps or jpeg file and we will advise you whether this technique is right for you.


Screen Printing

Screen printing is excellent for cotton and polycotton tees and polos for recreating larger and more intricate designs. It is best suited to larger runs as costs decrease with volume. There are two set up costs involved with screen printing. The first is a one off cost of setting up the film and screen. Screen printed designs should not be ironed over but do wash well. Pricing per print decreases with volume, so the more you order the better the pricing. Email your design to us now at for an accurate quote on printing. Prices for tees and other garments can also be provided on request.

Pros – Affordable, great for large colour designs.

Cons – Not economical for small runs



Embroidered logos create a look of quality and are also excellent for durability. Embroidery is excellent for polos, jackets, caps and knitwear. It will normally outlast any garment on to which it is applied. Logos are digitised and then reproduced with computerised embroidery machines. A large range of colours can be matched making your brand/logo instantly recognisable. There is a one-off cost for digitising your logo and the cost of this is proportionate to the stitch count in your logo. Email us a file with your logo (preferrably pdf, eps or jpeg) and we will advise you on the cost of embroidering your logo. Once again volume discounts apply.

Pros – Long lasting, quality look, full colour, costs decrease with volume.

Cons – More expensive than printing especially for larger designs.


Sports Teams

We provide a wide range of the latest advanced fabrics for sports wear and club wear to meet the needs of numerous sporting codes. We can supply your club and team tees, polos, track suits etc, with your club logo and can of course provide sports team numbers on shirts if required. For the more formal look after the match, we have a range of dress shirts or corporate look polos.


Corporate Wear

Choose from a huge range of styles including polos, woven shirts, jackets, fleece jerseys etc. for whatever look you are trying to achieve – all branded with your corporate logo. Be noticeable at conferences, seminars, trade shows etc. Many different options available for men and women. With a large range of styles and colour combinations we have something for everyone at great prices.


Hi Visibility Safety and Work Wear

Choose from a wide range of high-visibility garments from vests and singlets through tees and polos, to fleece jackets and full waterproof wear – all branded with your business logo. In addition we are able to supply a wide range of industrial overalls which can be branded and personalised with employee names.


School uniforms

We can assist with school uniforms including bucket hats, tees, polos, jerseys, tog and kit bags, etc. and can cater for all your club and team wear options too. If you are looking for something different to everyone else then we can also provide a custom made service for larger orders (>50 items).


Printed promotional products

We have diversified and in addition to the branded clothing , we have now linked up with one of NZ’s biggest suppliers of printed promotional products. We are able to source a great range of items that we can get printed up with the latest screen and laser printing techniques. You’ll be amazed at what you can get printed up with your logo. Click on the tab at the top of the page to find out more.


Conference items

We can supply and print up a large range of items for conference organisers/sponsors. With a variety of imported bag options, we are able to source basic satchels through to smart compendiums. We are also able to print a range of accessories such as lanyards, if required.


Promotional clothing

Not only do you want your staff to look good, you also want your clients to look good too and they will love nothing more than a quality freebie! Every time they wear it, its some free advertising for your company! We can assist you with things like caps, hats and tees from as little as $10 + GST. At those prices you can’t lose – your clients will feel good and return to your business in the future, and the visibility and public awareness of your company is increased….



If you do not currently have a logo, or require something different. We work closely with our customers to identify the look they are trying to achieve then provide several options for discussion and/or amendment. We do not curently charge any fees for this service although we do have available a qualified designer to assist with more complex jobs for a reasonable fee.


Custom made clothing

If you are looking for something different to that in the catalogues some of our suppliers offer a custom made service although minimums order sizes do apply here. For orders in excess of 50 this is a cost effective way of having something unique to your team/club/business, making you feel and look good. Contact us for more details using the link on the contact page.